A History Of Courage


In early 1900's Founder Rob Gregg’s great grandfather EC Allan moved overseas as a salesman for Walk-Over Shoes. When WWII hit, he was interned and lost everything, including his daughter Peggy, who escaped with her destined to be husband Godfrey Robert Gregg. When they arrived at the harbor New Years Eve 1940, Godfrey was held back, so in a courageous moment he took off his family ring and gave it to Peggy as a promise he'd find his way back to her.





Separated oceans apart for almost a year, they wrote each other back and fourth.  Godfrey kept every letter Peggy wrote and brought them with him when he made it out on the last commercial vessel to leave the harbor in November, 1941 before it was closed. Godfrey was on his way across the Pacific Ocean to be reunited with Peggy in the San Francisco harbor, and wrote her a letter with his boat's call sign.  His journey was nearly complete before their last fuel stop in Hawaii.  As fate would have it, just before they arrived, the unthinkable happened. Pearl Harbor was attacked.



Peggy was listening to Tokyo Rose, the propaganda radio station, and heard Godfrey's boat's call sign reported as sunk. She thought the love of her life was lost forever at the bottom of the ocean. Meanwhile under the radar, the crew aboard Godfrey's ship issued a blackout, repainted the boat, and was the first commercial vessel to arrive safely in the harbor after the attack. Somehow, someway, Godfrey completed his journey back to Peggy and arrived on her doorstep Christmas Day 1941 to make good on his promise.


Godfrey would later go on to enlist and become the head of the MASH unit in Okinawa, serving for another 30 months to keep his country and the love of his life safe. This was a time when men took courageous acts to fight for what they believed in, and it became the essence behind the Rob McAllan brand motto “Courage Is Everything."  Incredible things can happen when you have the courage to take that extra step, and this mentality is what the Rob McAllan brand is about.


“Rob” originated from Godfrey’s middle name.
“Mc” is from the family last name McGreggor.
“Allan” is the founder's great grandfather's last name.